5 Things To Do In The Cayman Islands

Here I am at Stingray City back in the 90s!

5 Things To Do In The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list destination that many people have on their list of places to visit one day. As an avid scuba diver I have visited the Caymans several times, the diving there is gorgeous. You certainly don’t have to be a diver though, there are many things to do in the Caymans, and for all ages!

My son, ready to snorkel! He learned snorkeling in the Caymans, and now he is a Dive Master.

In the Cayman Islands, obviously, you have great weather, beautiful scenery, and incredible seascapes and landscapes that you can’t find in many places around the world. Seven Mile Beach is world renowned, and it has the most beautiful sand I have seen. When you consider the Cayman Islands, what are the things that you think about first? Here are 5 Things To Do In The Cayman Islands!

Photo by Marc Babin on Unsplash

Scuba Diving

Scuba-diving is one of those things that many people are keen to enjoy when they visit a hot country, creating a sense of wonder and being fully present under the water, and the Cayman’s have some of the best diving in the world. Of course you need to take a course, but many places can teach you how to do a “resort dive”, without being certified. An element of confidence and sense of adventure is helpful when it comes to scuba-diving. If this is an activity that you are excited to try, then you will find many dive educators and dive masters in the Cayman Islands, with just a quick search online.

Boat experiences

There are some amazing Cobalt Custom Charters in Grand Cayman that will impress even the most jaded person. Private boat trips can really show you exactly what the island is about and I guarantee you will fall in love with the place. Just imagine what it would be like on those bright blue seas, with your favorite drink, and your favorite people surrounding you. It’s a beautiful experience and something that most people could only dream of.


Cushion Starfish

Stingrays, starfish, coral, and all sorts of beautiful reef fish are under that gorgeous blue water. Please take your responsibility of being under the water seriously. Listen when given advice on how to co-exist with the wildlife. The ocean is full of animals that may appear to be plants or empty shells but are actually live animals that should not be touched or moved. Respect the ocean, respect the sealife, and do not litter! Leave nothing behind but footprints. Let us preserve our oceans for those to come!


Grand Cayman is home to the Cayman Crystal Caves, and they are spectacular! One of Cayman’s oldest landmarks,you can experience it as a small group while visiting the lake cave, the open ceiling cave, and many others. Through a professionally led tour you will even get to see stalagmite crystal structures that will blow your mind. (Don’t forget to visit HELL, a really strange rock formation in West Bay).

Stingray City

Stingray City is a must. Anyone who visits the Cayman Islands must go to Stingray City. Located on a sandbar, the people of Cayman have fed these stingrays for so long they are tame. Treat them respectfully and you can feed them, touch them, even hold them. They feel like velvet, and their mouths are like little vacuum cleaners! Slurp and the food in your palm is gone. I have never gone to the Caymans without going to Stingray City to dive, snorkel, and introduce my children to the rays!

Stingray City with my son and mom (in the life vest)!

So, if you’re booking the trip of a lifetime to Grand Cayman, remember these ideas, and don’t miss out on everything it has to offer. Just don’t forget your camera, as you will want to remember the trip for the rest of your life!

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