4 Cities Around the World That Should Be On Everyone’s Bucket List

San Francisco, California

4 cities around the world that should be on everyone’s bucket list! I know they are on mine. The world is full of exciting cities, rich with culture, adventure and nooks and crannies for you to explore. But where to start? Well, there are some cities you just can’t afford to miss, and here is a list of cities that everyone should visit before they kick the bucket. You don’t want to miss these!

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Cities around the world

San Francisco, USA

Famous San Francisco Cable Cars!

I love San Francisco, it is one of my favorite cities in the world. Iconic landmarks? Check! Gorgeous sun, sea, and scenery? Check! History and culture around every corner? Check! San Francisco is one of those cities that is a mix of everything you’re looking for – it’s ideal for those who like to go “full tourist” and see the big sights, and the Golden Gate Bridge is the perfect place for your iconic tourist selfie. The west coast of America is already stunningly beautiful, but San Francisco gives you the perfect spot to relax and view the scenery. Plus, with sights like Alcatraz, previously one of the most infamous prisons in the world (it even held Al Capone!), you’re bound to get a bit more history and culture than the average city. Besides, who doesn’t want to ride a cable car along the streets, or eat freshly caught oysters in Fisherman’s Wharf? San Francisco’s Chinatown is an amazing place to spend time. The only way you can go wrong is by not visiting this beautiful city.

Havana, Cuba

I have to go to Havana. It is on my bucket list. Havana is the definition of a South American paradise – bursting with color, the capital of Cuba is a city like no other, where the days of South American salsa and fiestas still paint the town. Walking through this city seems like a walk through time – you’re likely to come across old, rustic buildings and classic cars parked along the worn, cobbled streets. You can take it easy and take a drive along the Malecon, Havana’s 7km-long road that hugs the coast, to get a taste of all of Cuba’s charm, and is a hot spot for philosophers, poets, and lovers of creativity and beauty. If you’re looking for a livelier adventure, just walk into any of the local open-air bazaars and salsa your way into the morning! I also want to dive in Cuba, I hear the reefs are pristine.

Stay here a few days to engulf yourself in the culture – it’s worth spending a bit extra to get the true experience. This site has more information on lots of different places you can stay, hand-picking the top boutique hotels for Havana and other great cities, so you can choose the place that suits you best. Their booking is stress-free and easy, meaning you can enjoy the excitement of your upcoming trip rather than stressing about it.

Tokyo, Japan

Photo by Louie Martinez

Welcome to the busiest city in the world – the city that never sleeps, Tokyo. Here, you’ll be absorbed by bustling crowds and flashing advertisements on tall skyscrapers, lining the streets like neon walls. There’s no denying that the capital of Japan is lively, and it takes in nearly three million international tourists per year – and 420 million Japanese visits. There’s always something to do, whether you’re shopping in Shibuya, one of the flashiest districts in the world, entering a place unlike anywhere else such as Odaiba, a futuristic man-made island, or seeing sights such as Tokyo Tower – Tokyo will keep you moving constantly, and never stops giving. One of the charms of Tokyo is that, despite being one of the busiest and most advanced cities in the world, its modern, fast-paced highstreets are mixed up with ancient historic temples and gardens, with Sensō-ji being one of the most infamous. Visiting Tokyo not only gives you a taste of the future and the modern age but takes you back to the world before any of this was even thought about, where temples were commonplace – this is what makes Tokyo truly magical.

Bucharest, Romania

Photo by Adrian Dascal on Unsplash

Bucharest is a city less well-known than other hotspots in Europe, but its subtlety makes it a hidden gem. Romania’s capital is host to detailed architecture that is common throughout Europe, but with a warm, more rustic atmosphere. It’s perfect for those who are looking for history and culture – there’s a wide variety of museums and parks, alongside monasteries and 17th and 18th-century Orthodox churches. Romania’s Communist background still imprints a lot of the city and it is rich with remnants from not only the rule but the violent uprising against Communism, particularly at the Palace of Parliament, making Bucharest a history lover’s paradise. There are gardens dotted around the place for those who like to chill out, but if something a bit livelier is more your thing, rest assured there’s a bright nightlife which is bound to keep you buzzing. As for Romanian cuisine, trust us when we say there’s nothing like it – you have to taste it to believe it.

These 4 cities around the world are places you just can’t risk missing, and whatever you’re looking for in your trip, you’re sure to find it in one of these. Have fun!

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