3 Places To Be On Grand Cayman Island

Westin, Grand Cayman. Photo by Marc Babin.

Here are 3 places to be on Grand Cayman! If it’s an out of the country adventure you seek, Grand Cayman Island is one of three Cayman islands, to the south of Cuba in the western Caribbean Sea. Appreciated most for its picturesque beaches and scuba diving opportunities (which I have, of course, enjoyed!), this island is a popular destination aspiration for travelers and scuba divers worldwide.

The island is perfect for ocean lovers. Christopher Columbus took note of the precious sea life on Grand Cayman island, in particular, the crowd of sea turtles which graced the beaches. This followed with him calling the island “las tortugas.”

With a canvas of warm weather coating the island all year round, you are not confined to a few months of the year where the weather is hospitable for you to travel, (which is the case for most countries), making this an alluring spot to travel to any time of year.  All seasons are fabulous in the Caymans!

If it’s adventure, mystery and once in a lifetime experiences you seek, Grand Cayman the perfect place. A list of opportunities below plots a few places to explore and stay to make your trip truly memorable.

Cayman Crystal Caves

One of the newer attractions on the Grand Cayman island is the guided tour provided through the crystal caves. Discover this shrine of history on Old Man Bay on the north side of the island formed millions of years ago. The three caves contain stalactite and stalagmite crystals formed over the millenia and it is available to view today! Incredible!

Many moons ago the caves were nestled deep under the blue sea, playing home to an array of aquatic life. Once the island rose above sea level, pirates found the caves and used them to their advantage for hiding their treasure and resting following their voyages. Legend has it, the caves are where pirates would bury their treasure. So grab your kid’s beach spade and get digging. Yo-Ho! There is a lot of pirate lore on the island.

Stingray City

Our family loved our Stingray City experiences! The rays are so soft, and I wish my kids were that young again! It goes so fast!
I LOVE stingrays!

A famous attraction for visitors is the flock of friendly stingrays which group together about 25 miles from the Grand Cayman Shore. Here you and your family can become one with marine life, swimming among stingrays, a few of which will brush in between you. Perfect for aquatic lovers and those who want to create a truly memorable experience. This is an opportunity worth ticking off your bucket list and bragging to your co-workers about the next time you’re stuck in the office feeling a little bored. Feed, take photos and touch the friendly stingrays, you know you want to!

Christopher Columbus Condos

Staying away from home can be a little daunting, you worry about the comfort, food, and hospitality, as you need a place for your family to feel at home with creature comforts to feel settled and also revitalized for the day ahead. The condos at the Grand Cayman provide just that, a home away from home with the added bonus of a beautiful sea view, a private beach, a tranquil pool and a buffet of delicious cuisine. The staff, in particular, are enthused to enrich their guests which all that Grand Cayman has to offer so that you will never feel out of place on your holiday. See www.christophercolumbuscondos.com for more information.

Each person’s destination to travel should be tailored to the experience they hope to achieve. If it’s sun, sea and scuba diving in a tropical oasis you seek, the Grand Cayman is your next stop.

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