The Dons are coming, the Dons are coming!

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In Cozumel, 2006

In Cozumel, 2006

They will blow into town on Friday! I will be sure to give a full report of Randy’s childhood pals, who are coming in for the 3rd time to celebrate the fact that Randy is here after being on life support for 12 days and having a double lung transplant! The last time they saw Randy he was still at Zale Lipshy in rehab, and unable to walk. They are in for a treat…their buddy is getting around without any help.

In case you have missed previous blogs, my husband experienced a respiratory failure back in August, then another in September.  He was put on an ECMO machine while he remained on the lung transplant list. All of this came as a huge shock, and Randy’s friends immediately rushed in to help, to soothe, to make their pal laugh, and to be supportive of Randy’s family.

These guys have been the best…incredibly supportive of Randy, but more so for me!  I love the dons (don’t even ask why they call themselves the dons, goes back to high school), and I am looking forward to seeing them under, if not normal, at least more comfortable circumstances!

The miracle of friendship

The miracle of friendship


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