About Tam

About Tam, Travels with Tam, empty nest

Researching Whale Sharks in Mexico

About Tam, Travels with Tam, empty nest

In Ecuador, doing Citizen Science with Ecuador Megafauna Foundation.

Welcome to About Tam!

My name is Tam Warner Minton, and I have always loved to travel. When I became an emptynester, I began traveling more adventurously as well as writing about my journeys. My posts include many photographs, so if you love travel photography, food, wildlife and underwater photographs, you have come to the right place. Sign up with Travels with Tam Social Media Communities!

I write about traveling, food, luxury hotels and trips, adventure trips, scuba diving, and citizen science. I want to inspire others to get out and see the world!

I have been published on the following publications:

  • The Huffington Post
  • Matador Network
  • Travel Post Monthly
  • Scubaverse (Photo of the Month, August 2015)
  • Adventures of Empty Nesters
  • Midlife Boulevard
  • Better After 50
  • Boomer Cafe

You can find my photographs on sale and on view:

  • Twenty/20
  • Fotolia
  • NatGeo Your Shot
  • Flickr 


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A little about me?

  • As you may have guessed, I love to travel and write.
  • I am the spouse of a man who unbelievably enough, had a double lung transplant.  Talk about an Unexpected Journey!
  • I am crazy about scuba diving with marine animals (ocean).  I love to photograph the underwater realm. Actually, I think I am safer underwater than I am on land, given that I am extremely prone to falling on flat surfaces.  And occasionally on steps.  And over pet gates (that is a long story!).
  • I love traveling. I will go just about anywhere…and because I am endlessly curious, I am always learning.  Very excitable, I still gasp to see a giraffe in the wild or a dolphin by the boat.  No matter how many times I see wild creatures, it always feels new and breathlessly exciting.
  • I love history and literature, and certainly love traveling to places I have read about.  It is magical to me, standing in a historical place, soaking in the ambiance and atmosphere, exploring the nooks and crevices around me.  I am particularly a fan of Richard iii of England, and the fact that his 500 year old skeleton was recently found thrills me!  I am certainly planning an article and a trip.
  • I have had many different careers…most recently, University Lecturer in Sociology and Gender, and a College Consultant in Private Practice.  In a former life I was a travel agent.  Now I am blogging about my life and journeys, and doing travel writing. I have always loved to write.
About Tam, Travels with Tam, empty nest

My husband, Randy, and I. He is 3 years post double lung transplant.

About Tam, Travels with Tam, empty nest

Travels with Tam!

  •  I am a Feminist, and used to teach Gender Issues at the University of Texas Dallas.  It was my field of study when achieving my Graduate degree. I do post about Amazing Women on most Wednesdays!

Welcome to Travels with Tam, get started on my site by going HOME and choosing the categories you are interested in from the Navigation Bar. I look forward to having you join me on my travels. I would love to hear from you!











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