Wild and Amazing Travel Photos from 2017 Part One: Antarctica and Argentina

Wild and Amazing Travel Photos from 2017! In January 2017 I journeyed to Antarctica and Argentina with my friend Annie. We met on a citizen science trip and decided to go see the White Continent, and while we were at it, Argentina.

  1. Going to Antarctica was an incredible experience. I expected horrible cold, dark skies, and nothing but snow and rock. Boy, was I wrong!
Beautiful beyond my expectations!

The sun would set, it would not get dark, then the sun would rise an hour later! These huge icebergs were overwhelming.

These penguins skittered away as the ship went by their ice floe.

Perhaps a landing on this first year ice? Yes!

Scientists checking out the ice.

A Minke Whale, the boat in the background gives you an idea of the perspective.

The bluer the ice, the older the ice.

Adorable Chin Strap Penguin.

The beauty is staggering

This gentoo is nesting.

A beautiful day in Wilhelmina Bay with Humpback Whales galore!

Gentoos are very funny penguins!

Annie and I with the Adelie Penguins at Brown Bluff.

First sighting of the emperors…playing with Adelies on an Ice Floe.

Our ship off of Brown Bluff. Adelies everywhere!

One for all and all for one!

Seeing Killer Whales up close, and hunting, was a thrill!


2. Argentina was also a wonderful surprise. Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan, beautiful city. I also had a chance to see a ranch, and ride a horse with an Argentinian saddle. It was a fantastic experience. As a vegetarian, it was very difficult to convince them that I really did not need to eat meat. Argentina is proud of their first rate beef reputation and their BBQ. I’ve never seen so many steakhouses. Annie and I stayed 4 nights at the Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt, and 4 nights at the Four Seasons. We were truly in the lap of luxury.

The beautiful Park Hyatt and gardens in Buenos Aires. It is a palace!

Enjoying a wine and cheese tasting at the Palacio Duhau! They treated us like Queens.

Annie and Paula, a tour guide for Maria Corbalon Bespoke Tours, at the entrance to Recoleta Cemetery.

One of the largest family crypts in the cemetery Dorrego Ortiz Basualdo. The statuary was simply astounding.

Tomb of Eva Duarte Peron, also known as Evita, a great hero in Argentina.

Very cool statue of Atlas at a huge ficus tree!

Atlas holding up the largest tree in Buenos Aires.

Annie and I visiting the Buenos Aires Tulip!

Welcome to the San Telmo Market on Sundays!

This gentleman was also giving lessons, but I loved watching him dance with his partner. They dance tango everywhere, anytime in Buenos Aires.

The Fabulous Four Seasons!

Checking in at the Four Seasons is a luxury experience.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

A day trip to El Candelaria del Monte was just what we needed after the cold of Antarctica.

Thier hospitality was superb.

The Argentinian BBQ

We took a lovely ride around the ranchero among cattle

The Lama Guanicoe of Argentina! They were so furry!!! I fell in love instantly.

Lama Love!

My horse.

Stay tuned for the next trip!

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