Is there Anything as Incredible as Ginormous Humpback Whale Watching in Cabo?

Photos by Lisa Hofmann.

The whale watching in Cabo during March was incredible! Humpback Whales are Ginormous, as Buddy the Elf would say. They are such fun whales to watch because they are so active, so curious, and always lively. Few things on the ocean are more exciting than a Humpback breach! While staying in Cabo San Lucas I went out with Whale Watch Cabo, and our guide, Lisa Hofmann, was awesome! There’s really no way to tell the story of the gorgeous Humpback Whales other than to do so in photos.

All photos were taken by Lisa Hofmann.

On our way out of the marina we passed Lover’s Beach. On the opposite side of the rocks is Divorce Beach!
Cabo San Lucas is quite beautiful.
Land’s End would not be the same without the resident Sea Lions!

Whale Watch Cabo has a choice of boats, and adventures, and I chose the Zodiac Adventure Tours. A Zodiac is a soft raft type boat, and will only take 10 people on the boat. Zodiacs are fast, and take the waves a bit softer than other boats, though that is relative! The other boat is a covered hard body boat, and can take 12 people. I loved the smaller, faster Zodiac and loved whale watching in Cabo! Warning: the Zodiac has a lot of motion, and can really pound your body. With four rods and eight pedicle screws in my back, I did spend a little down time after the experience, but for me it was worth it. If you are physically challenged or elderly, you want the hardbody boats, NOT the zodiac!

A Mama blow!
Mama and baby were exhibiting nursing behaviors.

Humpback Whale Season in Los Cabos is January through March. The whales come to mate, and as their gestation is a year, they also come to calve and raise their babies. It is lovely to see mothers and calves, but not as exciting as watching ginormous Humpback Whales breaching and slapping the water with their huge pectoral fins! Scientists believe that the slapping and breaching of the Humpbacks are a form of communication that can be heard over long distances. Perhaps the whale is informing other whales that she/he is ready for breeding, or ready to join a pod. Humpbacks are also very vocal. I’ve heard, but never seen, them underwater, and it is a beautiful sound.

This ginormous Humback is very special! It has two white pectoral fins, a very rare sight.
They are just so amazing! They hit the water so hard!
In the heat a Humpback blow can form a rainbow of colors.
Humpbacks breach onto their backs, so what you see here is the jaw and throat of the animal.
Here’s a cool blow and breach!
We got quite close, and it was so exciting to watch. Did you know they seem to breach in threes?
So incredible to see such a huge whale so close! I lightened the back so you could see it better!
Look at that huge pectoral fin! He or she was slapping the water like crazy!

Double pectoral fins! Ginormous!

If you are headed to Los Cabos in the Baja of Mexico, you definitely want to go when the Humpack Whales are there from January through March, and you cannot choose a better tour company than Whale Watch Cabo. It was a stupendous experience. Thank you to Whale Watch Cabo and Lisa Hofmann!

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