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travels with tamTam is the author of the empty nest travel blog, Travels with Tam, a travel writer, and is always renewing, revamping, and reinventing life! She has traveled to all seven continents, and is an advocate for citizen science, the environment, and getting out of one’s comfort zone. An avid scuba diver, Tam takes many trips involving diving and the marine world, and is an amateur underwater photographer. Tam challenges her perspective, confidence, knowledge and physical ability by traveling the world, and sharing what she has learned with others. Her book series, Ocean Friends, introduces us to beautiful underwater creatures we may have never seen before! As a former university Lecturer and college consultant, Tam is a believer that knowledge is power, and education is always a positive force. Teaching people to love our oceans and ocean animals is the way to preserving our oceans for future generations!

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From Tam:

I am thrilled to have published my very first book, ALL FISH FACES! I am offering it as an ebook for $2.99, an Amazon paperback for $14.99, and a high photo quality book for $25.99 on Amazon.com! You may find them on Amazon and on my Amazon author page, Tam Warner Minton.   I’m planning a series of books called OCEAN FRIENDS to introduce children of all ages (adults too) to the wonderful underwater world of the ocean. 10% of profits will go to the Marine Megafauna Foundation in order to help fund their research into our ocean giants!

In addition, I am offering a photo quality Fish Faces calendar for 2018, which also includes November and December, 2017 for $14.39!


“Completely inspired by this amazing book from solo female traveler Tam Warner Minton who has taken her love for marine photography and created a passion project to give others a window in the underwater world. Tam is as intrigued with the incredible diversity of fishes in our ocean and their unique personalities as I am. This book helps to showcase just how incredible this group of animals is, making it fun an accessible for anyone to learn more about these amazing animals. Tam is also loval supporter of the Marine Megafauna Foundation and chooses generously to donate a portion of the proceeds from this book’s sales with this organization who is helping to Save Ocean Giants from Extinction. Ultimately this is a testament to what one person can achieve when they set out to share their passion with others. The book is ideal for kids, my own little girl has a copy and loves it!”
Dr Andrea Marshall is a marine biologist known for her research into manta rays, and a founder of the Marine Megafauna Foundation. She was the subject of the Natural World documentary Andrea: Queen of Mantas. 
 “ALL FISH FACES by Tam Warner Minton is an underwater treasure of tropical reef fish faces, some fierce, some fun, but all a joy for fish fans young and old. Impressive photos and interesting facts — including names of every fish featured — create a colorful dive log worth experiencing again and again. My 9-year-old grandson loved perusing the pages, pointing out his favorites and learning fun facts about them.” Lisa Carpenter, author of Grandma’s Briefs.