Half of the World’s Marine Creatures have been Lost


Did you know that half of the world’s marine creatures have been lost? What else is there to really say? This is a complete disaster. How can we all turn this around and protect our oceans????

A Blue Parrotfish!

A Blue Parrotfish!

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Grays don't want to be challenged for leftover sponges!

Grays don’t want to be challenged for leftover sponges!

The Queen Angelfish on Paradise Reef, Cozumel, Mexico, 2007

The Queen Angelfish on Paradise Reef, Cozumel, Mexico, 2007

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Birds of a feather.

Birds of a feather.

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  1. Barbara Free says:

    Thank you for educating us, and sharing your photo’s. As I have said many times before, your photo’s are Nat Go worthy!!!!! Amazing, and I love studying them.

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