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Nusa Penida is an island off the coast of Bali (and part of the nation of Bali). Rumor has it that manta rays and mola mola (oceanic sunfish) hang out at one of the dive sites there, so I scurried off to check it out!

I did my research and went diving with Blue Season Bali. A Five Star PADI dive center, their instructors and dive masters were fully qualified, professional, and friendly to boot! A lovely way to start my diving in Indonesia. My fellow divers were fun as well. I headed off with my camera equipment, hoping for some cool sightings. (By the way, if you are looking for any dive camera equipment, don’t hesitate to contact my friends at They have absolutely everything you need for underwater photography, and I mean everything. If the manufacturer doesn’t make a product, Backscatter does! They have given me great service by answering my beginner-ish questions, steering me toward awesome products, and giving great customer service. Check them out!!!!)

Scuba, diving, Bali

The best part about the Indian ocean? Anemones and anemone fish!

Scuba, diving, Bali

The coral is so different and diverse!

Scuba, diving, Bali

A Giant Moray.

Scuba, diving, Bali

Moorish Idol! One of my favs.

16 moorish idols

Scuba, diving, Bali

This nudibranch was huge and fat!

Scuba, diving, Bali

Porcelain Crab!

Scuba, diving, Bali

The coolest sighting! A banded sea snake! These snakes are shy, and are incredibly venomous.

Scuba, diving, Bali

I could not believe the length of it!

Scuba, diving, Bali

I’m a sucker for seastars.

Scuba, diving, Bali

Scuba, diving, Bali


I did three dives off Nusa Penida one day, and the next I went to Tulumben to dive the USS Liberty. Sadly, the USS Liberty was a fiasco. I’ve heard from many people what a beautiful dive it is…but on the day we went the surf was wicked, and just getting in the water was difficult and dangerous. The visibility was absolutely horrible. I took a few photos, but it wasn’t a good dive. I skipped the second dive as I had no desire to navigate the surf again.

Bali, diving, scuba

Blue Season Bali’s pool

Bali, diving, scuba

The dive guides were very friendly and fun!

Bali, diving, Tulumben

bali, diving, tulumben

Rooftops of Tulumben.

bali, diving, scuba

The village gathers.

All in all, I have to say my dives in Bali were disappointing. No mantas, no molas, and Tulumben was a bust. However, I only went for two days, and that is certainly not enough to really judge an entire island’s dive sites. I can say that if I went back and planned dives, I would go with Blue Season Bali, they were terrific.


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  1. Elnora Cameron says:

    Tam, glad to know you did not tangle with that LONG sea snake.

  2. barbara free says:

    Loved seeing the pictures, and as always, thank you for labeling the fish. It’s a good education and reminder of what they are. What a great trip you are having. Enjoy

  3. This is such a trip of a lifetime. I love your dive photos,but that snake would have scared me to death!! Thank you for the details!

  4. Interesting experience Tam! The photos were nicely captured too!

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