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reef safe, giveawayI am so excited to announce this very special Giveaway by Tropical Seas Inc, the maker of Reef Safe SunCare, and Travels with Tam! Thank you Tropical Seas Inc for the awesome prize for the giveaway! Reef Safe has been my sunscreen of choice for several years now, and the products are so wonderful that we need to spread the word. Why? Because Reef Safe is biodegradable and non-toxic to animal life! I love Reef Safe because it not only protects my skin, but it protects our environment. Tropical Seas Inc states the following:

We respect our environment in its entirety and take value in doing our part to save our planet. We use renewable and sustainable resources, in addition we are a NO animal testing and NO animal by-products manufacturing facility.

What more can one ask for? The product is made in Daytona Beach, FL, of the best available natural, renewable and sustainable plants and vegetables, with no animal based ingredients at all. Tropical Seas Inc makes not only Reef Safe sunscreen, but Reef Safe shampoo, conditioner, cooling gel, baby sunscreen, and after sun lotion. The winner will receive the products pictured above. With our planet, and especially our oceans, in an increasingly endangered state, these products will let you enjoy the sun and feel guilt free. Let’s take a look at each one!

reef safe, biodegradable

I first saw Reef Safe in a dive shop, and I was thrilled to find a biodegradable sunscreen. Instead of wearing any sunscreen, I usually stayed in the shady areas of the dive boat, hoping I wouldn’t get burned. Reef Safe allows me to take good care of my skin while not harming the precious sea life and coral reefs we so badly need to maintain. I love the bottle, it even sprays upside down! It has a coconut, beachy fragrance. I am never without Reef Safe Sunscreen. It is UVA UVB Broad Spectrum Protection * 80 minutes in water, sweat, and rub resistant * Does not sting eyes * Biodegrades in lakes rivers and the ocean and is non toxic to marine life * PABA Free * Non Aerosol * Light Weight * Fast drying * does not stain vinyl cushions, linens, towels, or fiber glass.

reef safe, biodegradable Reef Safe makes a Burn Cooler gel which goes on smoothly and eases the pain of a burn. Enriched with Aloe Vera “L”, Lidocaine and Allantoin. Provides maximum relief from the discomfort associated with sunburns, jellyfish stings, minor burns, scrapes and insect bites. Helps cool and sotthe pain for instant relief, while rehydrating your skin’s natural nutrients lost by exposure to sunlight, wind, inclement weather, salt or chlorinated water.

reef safe, biodegradable  There is also a Burn Cooler with Coconut Water and Aloe Vera which re-nourishes your burnt skin. Osmotically balanced with the electrolyte level of skin cells in addition to adding natural nutrients and antioxidants to help replenish and re-nourish.

reef safe, biodegradable

No guilt shampoo and detangling conditioner! Now you can wash and rinse your hair on the boat, on the beach, wherever there is water! Since it is non-toxic and biodegradable you can use it anywhere. Made with green pea peptides to promote hydration that will leave your hair feeling rich and silky! It is overloaded with botanicals and antioxidants that help nourish and restore your follicles for youthful looking hair.

reef safe, sunscreen

Reef Safe also has sunscreen lotion choices, and biodegradable, gentle sunscreen for the little ones with higher Broad Spectrum protection!

reef safe, biodegradable

Everyone needs to moisturize after a day in the sun, and Reef Safe makes a wonderfully hydrating lotion for After Sun. Hawaiian Seaplants and Polynesian Coconut Water helps replenish, re-hydrate, and re-moisturize skin cells from exposure to every day elements such as air pollutants, sunlight, and wind as well as salt water and chemicals found in pools and spas.

reef safe, biodegradable

The jellyfish sting cooling gel is incredible! It’s hard to believe you can relieve the sting without vinegar, and smelling like a salad, but Reef Safe does it. They also make defog for your dive or snorkel mask that will not harm the environment. As someone who loves nature and wants to be in it without causing harm, Reef Safe is perfect. It isn’t easy to find products that not only protect and nourish your skin, but protects the environment while doing so. When anyone is using “regular” sunscreen in or near the water, that person is harming the environment. Here is a sobering consideration: 4,000 to 6,000 tons of sunscreen enter the ocean each year. The toxicity of this amount of chemical is so damaging, it takes the equivalent of one drop in an Olympic size swimming pool to impart harmful toxins. Sunscreens pose a significant threat to our planet. (Time Magazine)

#startwith1thing. Let Reef Safe Sun Care (and hair care!) be one thing you do to help our environment and save the future for our children, and their children after them. To paraphrase Dr Jane Goodall, it just takes a small choice made by many people to make a huge difference!


The Giveaway begins Monday, April 18 at 12 am and goes through Sunday, April 24 12 am. I will announce the winner on my blog and social media on Monday, April 25th! Good luck!

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  1. I have made my list now – will order soon! Thanks for the great tips!

  2. This is AMAZING. Really a great giveaway, Tam. And some good advice.

  3. These will definitely be handy this summer, thanks for the great advice.

  4. Michelle says:

    So many choices. Some great products here.

  5. Melissa says:

    ENTER NOW REEF SAFE SUNCARE GIVEAWAY! #free #reefsafe #giveaway

  6. barbara free says:

    I love that someone is coming out with reef safe products. Loved the cute advertisement at the bottom.

  7. GREAT Giveaway – I totally believe in products like this.

  8. Carolann says:

    Great giveaway! I tweeted and will enter again tomorrow. Thanks for hosting this. The products look great!
    Carolann recently posted…How To Restore Your Furniture From Tragic To MagicMy Profile

  9. Rosemond says:

    Great to know about these environmentally friendly products. And love the idea of shampooing on the beach or a boat! Very cool!

  10. Looks like a fun giveaway. I entered it. I like that the products don’t contain harmful ingredients. My eyes usually burn with sunscreen.
    Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski recently posted…Embrace Age and Dance like a Disco QueenMy Profile

  11. What a great giveaway! Living in Southern California, I definitely need these!

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